Basic Finishing Tool Kit



This kit has everything a drywall finisher needs to get started with flats, ceiling joints, inside and outside corners. The carry bag has soft sides and a hard bottom that makes carrying a drywall finishing tools a breeze and only takes up as much space as it needs.

This drywall tool kit is long enough to accommodate even our longest applicator tube at 60", all of our handle sizes, and still has plenty of extra room so you can expand your set.

The bag is completely washable, just hose it down while cleaning your other tools, and let it air dry.


Basic Tool Kit with Soft-Sided Carry Bag, includes 1 of each of the following tools:

  • A300 - 42" Applicator Tube
  • B100 - 2.5" Standard Flusher
  • B200 - 3.0" Standard Flusher
  • E100 - Inside Corner Applicator
  • G200 - Flat Applicator
  • J201 - 4 Wheel Inside Corner Roller
  • D200 - 2'8" Roller Handle
  • D400 - 6' Extendable Flusher Handle
  • P100 - Soft Tool Bag


Product Code: P200

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