Artisan Premix Dry Mix Stucco

Artisan Premix Dry Mix Stucco

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- Supports a range of darker colours

- Durable finish

- Lasts life of of construction

- Old world appearance

- High variety of texture options

- Increased water resistance

- Mix with water


Varies with thickness and texture.
Approximately 8-10 yards2 (6.7-8.4m2)* at 1/8" (3.2mm) thickness.
This does not include texture material.

*Coverages given are approximate and will vary depending on substrate, details and individual application technique.

Colour Addition:

Variety of colours available. Mix using a 1:1 ratio of mix to colour to achieve desired colour.

**Variations in colours may occur due to weather, texture, job conditions and application method.

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