Tekk Protection Reusable Professional Paint Respirator



This 3M reusable respirator helps keep you cool, comfortable and protected while working on your job. Specifically designed for professionals, the reusable respirator is great for spray painting and jobs that involve solvents and pesticides. The valve design on the mask allows heat to escape, allowing the wearer to be comfortable, as well as protected from solvents and pesticides, on the job.

- Cool Flow valve helps to reduce heat and moisture inside the respirator

- Adjustable head straps, silicone face seal for premium comfort

- Lightweight and reusable

- NIOSH-approved for use against certain organic vapours and particles. At least 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols including oil.

- Free from natural rubber latex

- For workplace/occupational applications only

- Size: Medium


1 x Facepiece

1 x Pair of cartridges

2 x Pair prefilters

2 x Filter retainers

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