Tekk Protection - Organic Vapour Replacement Cartridge



The Organic Vapour Replacement cartridge is designed to allow professionals quick and easy replacement when working with spray paints, solvents, pesticides etc. This replacement cartridge provides at least a 99.7% filter efficiency against solid and liquid particles that contain oil, as well as for professionals working on certain lead-based paint projects.

- Replacement cartridge for Cool Flow Professional Paint Respirator (7512PA1) or Tekk Protection Paint Project Respirator (7513PA1)

- Easy to attach design

- NIOSH approved for certain use against organic vapours

- For workplace/occupational applications only

- For safe, particulate protection, combine a 3M Particulate Filter P95 with a 3M 501 Retainer

- Great for use with spray/pesticides and latex, oil-based, automotive and spray paint

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