2.5" MaStar Angle Head

2 available


 The NorthStar 2.5" Angle Head measures 2.63" working face of the blade in contact with the wall. It was designed with added capacity so that the joint compound applied in taping the corner doesn't overwhelm the angle head during wipedown as it does with a 2” angle head.

  • NorthStars patented locking mechanism locks the handle or the corner box to the angle head. It will not release accidentally.
  • NorthStar uses beefy 5/16" stainless steel frames that are completely CNC machined for precision. The center clip has a stronger "grab" on the big frame to holds alignment better.
  • NorthStar has a two position spring adjuster that allows you to lessen the tension.
  • The body is precision-machined from solid billet
  • Each NorthStar angle head is set by hand and will run out of the box every time, without adjustment.

Product Code:  016

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