Exterior Sheathing - 5/8" x 4' x 8'

CGC DrywallSKU: 58EB08



Securock® Brand UltraLight Glass-Mat Sheathing Firecode X (UL Type USGX) is a lightweight, noncombustible, moisture- and mould-resistant panel available in 15.9 mm (5/8") that is designed for use under exterior cladding where conventional gypsum sheathing products have traditionally been used. Formulated to achieve all the strength and performance characteristics as standard Securock® Glass-Mat Sheathing at a significantly reduced weight, these panels are warranted for up to 12 months after application. These panels are coated with a glass-mat face and back to provide exceptional water resistance and maximize coverage of air/water barrier systems. This product can be used in any UL Type Design where Type USGX is specified.

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