AdexMat Hydroflex WO-T (Trowel-on Membrane)




Hydroflex WO membrane is a flexible, vapour-permeable, fluid-applied air and moisture barrier membrane available in 2 versions:

Hydroflex WO-T is suited for trowel-applied applications.Hydroflex WO-R is suited for roll-on or spray applications.

Hydroflex WO can be installed underneath a variety of wall claddings, to act as the sole weather resistant barrier (WRB) on above-grade vertical-walls.

  • Trowel-applied (WO-T) or Roller/Sprayer applied (WO-R).
  • Ready-mixed in the pail.
  • Vapour Permeable (breathable).
  • Air and Moisture Barrier Component.
  • Suitable above-grade substrates:
    • Plywood,
    • OSB (oriented strand board),
    • Exterior grade gypsum board,
    • Glass-mat faced gypsum board,
    • Concrete or masonry walls.

- 23 KG Pail

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