Dow FrothPak 620 - Closed Cell

Dow FrothPak 620 - Closed Cell

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This low-pressure polyurethane foam:

  • Expands quickly to fill larger gaps and penetrations in rim joists, roof wall junctures and around pipes and ducts etc. greater than 2" and less than 4" wide.
  • Helps improve energy efficiency and comfort. Seals out moisture, dust and pests
  • Includes our industry-leading nozzle system.
  • Helps prevents rot, decay and other effects of moisture leakage.

It's easy to apply because it:

  • Is applied with a self-contained, portable kit Spares you the expense of a drum and rig system.
  • Involves minimal setup time.
  • Is applied with a foam-dispensing spray gun for precise metering and control.
  • Dries completely in less than a minute.
  • Allows re-entry after 1 hour (with proper ventilation), versus 24 hours with drum foam.
  • Note: Froth-Pak™ Foam Sealant is not approved for full coverage.

 Each self-contained kit contains an ISO(A) cylinder, a Polyol (B) cylinder, INSTA-FLO Dispensing Spray Gun, 6 cone spray nozzles, 4 fan spray nozzles, and a 15-ft gun hose assembly (GHA)

You can view a how to video here:


As of right now this is a order on demand product for us. Therefore we call for 1-2 business days to bring this in for you.