Level5 Skimming Blades

Level5SKU: LV4-910C

Level5 Skimming Blades are PROFESSIONAL GRADE | Robust aluminum profile designed for every day use on the jobsite. Lightweight yet durable and rigid.

  • EVERYDAY USE | Professional grade housing and European stainless blades deliver quality finishing on every job, every day.
  • A LENGTH FOR EVERY JOB | Available in eight sizes from 7” to 48”. for jobs ranging from bedding and wiping down tape, to finishing drywall joints and wider areas.
  • HIGH PRECISION | Proprietary blade edge enables the mud to roll off with ease. The unique shape of the blade minimizes or eliminates lap marks when smoothing out large areas.
  • UNIQUE PROFILE | Housing profile design lets you affix a handle adapter for use with extendable poles for wall and ceiling finishing.
  • REPLACEABLE BLADES | LEVEL5 Skimming Blades have blade inserts that are easily replaceable. Simply remove one of the skimming blade end caps for slide-out/slide-in insert replacement at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire skimming blade.
Size: 10"
4 available

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