3M Air and Vapor Barrier 3015

3M MembraneSKU: 3015-2

3M™ Self-Adhered Air and Vapour Barrier 3015 is a translucent membrane that uses an acrylic adhesive that provides an extended application temperature range between -18°C (0°F) to 66°C (150°F).

It does not require primer for most substrates and can withstand up to twelve months of UV exposure. The 10-mil engineered sheet membrane self-seals against nails and staples. It also conforms to contours for continuous bonded contact. The 3M™ Self-Adhered Air and Vapour Barrier 3015 is eligible for LEED® green building program credits.

Eligible for LEED® credits

  • Acts as a self-adhering moisture and air barrier
  • Compatible with a variety of materials
  • Does not require a primer for most substrates
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • UV resistant for up to twelve months
  • Tough and flexible
  • Durable and tear resistant
  • Adheres to damp surfaces that have not yet absorbed water, like metals, glass and plastics
  • Compatible with many building sealants

These items are sold individually, but the rolls per box are as follows:

  • 2.36" x 75': 20 rolls per box 
  • 4" x 75': 12 rolls per box 
  • 6" x 75': 8 rolls per box
  • 9" x 75': 4 rolls per box 
  • 12" x 75': 4 rolls per box 
  • 18" x 75': 4 rolls per box 
  • 36" x 75': no box size available 
Size: 2.36" x 75'
1419 available

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