AdexMat Granular Acrylic Finish Coat

AdexMatSKU: ADGR103

ADEX Granular finish coat is a 100% acrylic, factory-mixed architectural wall coating that provides a free-form, adobe-style finish texture capable of achieving a variety of designs.

  • Smooth, putty-like plaster that offers endless application techniques. Examples: adobe-style, knockdown, antiqued/modeled, popcorn
  • Available in 300 standard colors as well as custom colors (upon request)
  • Trowel or spray applied (texture sprayer)
  • Exterior or interior applications
  • 30 KG Pail
  • Only available for local Edmonton and Calgary AB delivery, or in-store pick up. 
  • This product comes in either regular or accent base, depending on the color you have chosen and it's formulation.
Size: Regular Base

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