Columbia XL Hydra-Reach 3.0 Box Handle

The Columbia Hydra-Reach Flat Box Handle is a durable and extremely long lasting, all while maintaining the comfort and ease of use that you experience with Columbia tools. The Columbia Hydra-Reach Flat Box Handle weighs in at 2.5 lbs. As the lightest handle on the market, you will notice the difference.

The Hydra-Reach Flat Box Handle uses a patented hydraulic brake system that allows continuous braking throughout changes in extension. The rigid hex tube design limits flex and maximizes energy at all lengths. This tool was specifically designed for  durability and dependability for its users.


  • Two Sizes Available: 42" - 63" and 58" - 80"
  • Handmade from billet aluminum and steel components
  • Comfort grips
  • Thick, strong and light handle
Size: 58" - 80"

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