Kraft Plasterer's Scarifier with ProForm® Handle

Kraft Tool CompanySKU: PL206PF

Use this Scarifier to easily scratch plaster undercoats so finish coat bonds and doesn't separate.

The 3" long steel tines are 1/8" wide placed approximately 1/2" apart for even coverage on the surface. The 11 tines have a light flexibility to them allowing them the give to produce the proper effect. The entire 6" tool is welded together for strength. The patented ProForm® soft grip handle (U.S. Patent #D614,471S) is comfortable and easy to grasp even when wet. Extend the tools reach for ceilings, floors, or tall walls by connecting a threaded broom handle to the end. The handle features a hang hole for convenient storage. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Easily scratch undercoats so finish coat bonds to it
  • Flexible steel tines
  • 11 tines across 6 In.
  • Tines placed 1/2 In. apart
  • 3 In. x 1/8 In. tines
  • Comfortable, patented ProForm® hand grip
  • Secure grip even when wet
  • Use with threaded broom handle to extend reach
  • Hang hole for storage
Size: 6"
21 available

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