Trim-Tex Angle Master 3.25" 100' Roll

Trim-TexSKU: MS325

Angle Master is 3.25" wide and is specially engineered to fold and fit any off angle corner. Made from a flexible vinyl material, the Angle Master holds its shape and will stay straighter than paper corner trims. One of the major advantages of Angle Masters patented vinyl design, is the elimination of common issues such as Waving, Blistering, and Fuzz often found when using traditional paper corner trims. The durable vinyl surface also eliminates possible food source for potentially harmful molds.

Angle Master features a patented Mud Lock Technology that consists of dozens of microscopic hooks that run along the entire length of the roll. This increases the total contact surface area, and creates the strong solid bond.

Paperless Design For A Superior Finish, Upgrade Your Corner Trim Today.


  • Flexible Vinyl Design
  • Patented Mud Lock Technology
  • NO Waving, Blistering, or Fuzz
  • Stays Straighter Than Paper
  • Convenient 100' Roll
  • 3.25" Wide

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